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Pozar and Pozar Baths at the foot of Kaimaktsalan it is a destination in Pella in Macedonia and known to everyone as Pozar thermal baths or spas Pozar. In Pozar visitors find hotels, restaurants and taverns. Make your choice and Pozar will enjoy a stay will be unforgettable.

The Pozar is one of the most therapeutic spas in Greece, with many amenities and accommodations.

The waterfalls in Pozar, a large swimming pool with thermal water springs from the bowels of the earth, ancient Pozar to specific areas is indeed a miracle of nature. You will also find a number of new private Pozar which can be isolated to one or more hours to enjoy with your friends.

The area in Pozar has natural beauty and many options to make tourism activities ennallaktikou to see many sights to see beautiful areas around Loutraki and of course enjoy the local cuisine that includes dishes that keep Makedonitikes for centuries.

Wizard are traditional hotels and hostels with Jacuzzi, Steam and Fire as well as luxury hotels, traditional hotels, rooms, wooden houses, restaurants and taverns in Pozar, activities in Pozar and attractions which you will read below.

You will find in Pozar hotels, hostels, houses, apartments, traditional restaurants, private baths, massage, chiropractors, and of course you can reach your Kaimaktsalan a specific route.

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Activities in Loutra Pozar

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The area around Pozar and generally in Aridaia, offers a variety of activities including skiing in Kaimaktsalan Boras, walks and hiking trails in the spectacular scenery of the area in Pozar and rich wildlife and unspoiled vegetation and waterfalls.

In the great canyons of the region of the Baths, visitors combine hiking and climbing trips and walks to amazing waterfalls, cobblestone paths, terraces and the streets.

The routes with special signs are all distinctive M2 (path to the second highest mountain in Macedonia) and the number of the path eg M2 / 1 for the first path. You can explore the following routes:

The first mountaineering trip with distinctive M2 / 1 length of 4.5 km. along Thermopotamou leads to the waterfall at an altitude of 400 m. The degree of difficulty is low.
The second route climbing with a distinctive M2 / 3 length of 9 km. the left side of the canyon meets the M2 / 1, a kilometer before the waterfall. The degree of difficulty is higher.
The third path length of 4.5 km. with distinctive M2/12 starts Baths and ends at Upper Loutraki with little difficulty.
Follow the path M2 / 1 is the path with distinctive M2 / 5 length of 4.5 km. leading to the big waterfall at an altitude of 960 m. The degree of difficulty is high because of the steep slope.


Walking trails with great difficulty index or for beginners starting with Pozar are:

  • Baths - Niagara (1 hour)
  • Baths - Waterfall - Ramna Bor (4 hours)
  • Baths - Waterfall - Ramna Bor - Dokari-Ski (8 hours)
  • Baths - Ano Loutraki (1 hour)
  • Baths - Ano Loutraki - Chocolate (4:30 hours)
  • Baths - Tank - Ramna Bor - Baths (8 hours)

From Loutraki

Starting around the blue waters.

  • Blue water - Nietzsche - Peternik (6:30 hours)
  • Blue water - Kravitsa (7 hours)
  • Blue water - Good Plain (Dobro War) (6:30 hours)
  • Blue water - Good Plain (Dobro War) - Chocolate - Springs (11 hours)
  • Blue water - Good Plain (Dobro War) - Chocolate - Snow (13 hours)


The climbing routes with integrated 5 where a visitor can be tried. and degrees of difficulty of these routes are: the blue-eyed with 3 difficulty index, the index of difficulty Karamelitsa 3, Waltz with difficulty index 5, the two-seater with difficulty index 7 and the index of difficulty Edge 9 degrees of difficulty.

  • Loutraki
  • Pozar
  • LoutronAridaias
  • Pinovo
  • Jenny
  • ROUTES 4 x 4

The tracks for the fans of motorized routes are:

  • Orma - Black Forest - Ski
  • Fighters - Forest Promahi - Kravitsa
  • Vorvino - Top Pinavo
  • Loutraki - Good Plain
  • Loutraki - Good Plain
  • We hope to take advantage of activities in Pozar and enjoy the experience of experts.

Accommodation in Loutra Pozar

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The options are many visitors in Loutraki can choose luxury hotels, traditional hotels, rooms with fireplace and Jacuzzi suites and wooden houses, all with easy access to bathrooms Pozar which is known for its healing properties.

Staying in Pozar unforgettable as the area has a multitude of alternative tourism activities such ipassia, ski center kaikamtsalan, chiropractors massage, hiking in the forest area etc.

Enjoy yourself and stay in Pozar and visit the ski resort Kaikamtsalan which is very close to Pozar with relatively easy access that leads to the heart center chionodrmikou Kaimaktsalan.

Installations in Loutra in Pozar

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The Pozar or baths in the City Pozar Pozar is a summer and winter destination for all who want to combine the respite from everyday life and the healing properties of thermal Pozar.

The facilities of the small spa town with two spas. The first operated in 1960 and comprises 48 individual baths, 2 indoor pools three dimensions for seven and a half meters and a height of about 12 people with capacity.

Two individual sections bath springs with a capacity of 6 persons. Geothermal energy creates an enjoyable atmosphere for lovers of steam therapy. Also in 2005 begins a new operation with six individual spa pools and waterfalls technical capacity of about six people each.

Loutra Pozar Pool

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Outdoor Pool and Refreshment

In nature where intense heights and recesses resulting hot and cold water in the surrounding mountains and through dense vegetation in a rare landscape, you will find the outdoor swimming pool Pozar.

A visitor takes care of personal physical and mental hygiene in the entrance of the outdoor pool Pozar, leaving the gurgling warm water to act with beneficial properties. Receives the therapeutic properties of spa water in the hot Pozar.

The entire environment, from the favor of spa water baths of Loutraki Pozar to the beneficial effect of oxygen emanating from the high trees of the region make the visit as a unique apolasyi.

Visit and you pool measuring 25 x 13m and a depth of 1.30 meters to 2.80 meters to enjoy and have fun.

The opening hours are between 8:00 a.m. to 21:00 pm while the summer is open from 7:00 a.m. until 22:00 pm

You can enjoy a drink or a coffee apsefima in Natural will find just a few meters from the pool of Pozar, with all the comforts of a chalet, with natural decor, waterfalls, towering trees, greenery, spectacular steep slopes and huge rocks.

Kolimbithres beside the waterfalls will give you a different feeling because many couples in choosing to enjoy the healing properties of theermon Pozar right next to their streams of the waterfall.

We wish you an enjoyable browsing Pozar.

Loutra Pozar

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The Pozar baths or municipality Loutraki Pozar is just 2 km from Loutraki Pozar. Loutraki will find resorts with great style, covering the most demanding. your stay. There are all sorts of new services such as post office, gas stations, commercial and automated trading systems to banks. Visitors will even find pharmacies or clinics that would cater to special needs will receive health issues.

The nightlife has many choices son visitors.

Catering to local tastes of the traditional hot flashes will Makedonikis Culture unconscious. We also find remarkable Coffee and tea, and fun bars in bathrooms pose with Greek and foreign music.

The commercial center of Pozar will cover all the needs of markets in the region of Pozar. You'll find traditional products with a purity of tradition and enthusiasm of local residents, who make them, according to tradition and the passion.

Visit loutra pozar one of the best winter and summer destination in Greece for your hote baths and relaxation in Loutraki Aridaias nearby Edessa City and Pella.
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