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For many years in the center of the village Loutraki Aridaias, Super Market of the Kotsos family has consistently been the constant point of service for consumers. Thanks to the trust of both locals and visitors of the area, Super Market is gaining more time in the year, expanding its range of goods and services. That is why it owes much to the continuous care and work of the business people, which is working all day, with consistency and respect for the consumer in recent years.
In the efforts of Super Market Kotsou, the support of the local community has greatly contributed to the experience of the owners. This relationship yielded more competitive prices, enriching the store with the products of our business.
Spearhead for Super Market Kotsou remains the quality of the products it provides, the human environment and friendly customer service, the support of which gives the power to the business to continue with the same passion.

Loutraki Aridea, PC 58400, Pella Region, Greece

Phone: 2384091073

Phone: 6975722225

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